Next phase of Hall refurbishment completed

The previous windows.

It’s always very satisfying when the hard work of fund raising can be clearly seen delivering a return and the latest phase of the Hall’s refurbishment is as high profile as it gets.

When you next approach the Hall you’ll see the completed set of double glazed windows proudly in position. After a hard day’s work from so many generous tradesmen and committee members this project addresses one of the biggest challenges facing the Hall. Heating the building is the largest annual expense and these new windows will undoubtedly cut that cost, as well as making the building more secure.

Every penny raised by the Hall’s fund raising events is intended to

The task is underway

make this facility better for our community and you’ll continue to see upgrades and improvements for as long as we continue to receive such great support.

Look out for future dates when the Memorial Bar will be open on a Sunday and other events from our calendar.

Well done to everyone who donated their time and energy this weekend, we’re all very grateful.



Great progress being made








A great day of hard work and dedication delivers this wonderful result